Friday, January 19, 2007

Let the Madness Begin!

Okay, it is now 11:30 am on Friday, January 19th, 2007, less than a week away from the festivities.

Rosanne and I leave for the airport at (hopefully) 9 pm.

We haven't started packing.

We haven't arranged transportation to the airport.

We haven't arranged for our bills.

Our cat might be ill.

We haven't confirmed Oliver and Kristen's stay in New Delhi when they come in.

We haven't booked Jason's room in Bombay yet.

I'm not sure which of my Indian friends are (a) coming for the wedding; (b) need help with transportation; (c) need help finding a place to stay in Calcutta...sorry, Kolkata.

We still don't know how we are getting from Calicut to Kannur to Costa Malabari.

We haven't deposited our rent check for February yet.

We haven't gotten our traveler's cheques yet.

I haven't gotten the final amount for the bank transfer to India to pay the travel agent (Rita Aunty; Surya Sen's mother from Doon).

We haven't yet answered all of Rosanne's sister Linda's questions (she will be coming to Calcutta...sorry, Kolkata for two weeks!).

And I am still sending out wedding invitations!

I will try and recreate the madness of, oh let's say, from the beginning of the year. I will be doing this retrospectively, so try to pretend it's in real-time.

Oh My God! We haven't set our TiVo's yet...

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