Sunday, January 21, 2007

1/20/2007...6:00 pm PST... Somewhere over Beirut(!)

I think the woman in the seat in front of me has watched "Little Miss Sunshine" 3 times in a row

because she doesn't know how to use the system!

Growin up I remembering hearing that when Dubai broke away from Gulf Air and launched Emirates,

they were the ones to really pioneer the individual entertainment syster. Finally, after many, many years

of hearing about it, I finally got to experience it and it almost makes the whole thing worth it.

The only thing missing is what Delta had - the ability to add specific tracks to a playlist which you could

manipulate later.

Emirates ICE:
I - Information (about the flight [with cameras, maps, etc.]; about the airlines; about Dubai; and more)
C - Communications (everything from SMS, email and WiFi [only on their airbus flights - dang])
E - Entertainment (700 movies; 6,000 songs; 100 games; 500 TV shows - and it's all on demand)

Something tells me that the other ICE (a lame business acronym which I am under a very strict NDA not

to indulge) has nothing on listening to Meat Loaf while playing Wing Commander and watching the sun

rise over the Arabian Gulf.

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