Sunday, January 21, 2007

1/20/2007...12:30 pm PST... Somewhere over the Atlantic

Hmm...okay so there are some things about Emirates that is decent.
The seats are horrid, but at least there's a honest-to-goodness outlet just above the tray table. No cigarette-lighter type socket, a straight-up electrical outlet - 110V to boot!

The guy sitting next to me has a pretty interesting story. He's from a small town a few hours outside Chicago (and yes, he is a huge Bears fan!). This is the first time he's flying by himself, and this is his first flight outside the country. Everything is new for him, which is interesting - every time he asks me a question (To quote Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas - which you must see on 3-D - "What's this? What's this? I haven't got a clue?") and I have to think about stuff that I have taken for granted as I have become the typically jaded traveler, inured to the wonder of international air travel still has to bring.

A very cool little touch is that they have the instructions for flushing the toilet translated into Bengali. I guess they heard I was coming.

And, they have external cameras - one on the nose and the other underneath the plane, which you can monitor on your personal entertainment center. Though, you'd probably want to see objects on the Downward Camera rather than the Forward Camera. I wonder what happened to that flock of seagulls I saw coming towards us...

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