Monday, January 22, 2007

1/22/2007 - 2119 (IST) - Kolkata

I am at a Reliance Web World Internet cafe.

I got here at 8:09 pm, the store selling wireless access cards for laptops closed at 8 pm. Great.

So I have been trying to post to the blog from one of the terminals, and it's been slow mostly because I am mad tired and I love to procrastinate.

Since I left some time ago without a mobile phone, and told Didu that I was going to be gone for a little bit, I supposed I should get home. I'll finished uploading the pictures tomorrow perhaps.

Quick Hits from the Day That Was:

- My aunt (Mashi) arrived from the UK this morning. It's always fun having her around.
- Rosanne spent the night quite comfortably at Potu Mesho's place. She was able to spend some time with Anannya Mashi, which was nice.
- I was woken up by my cousin (Papia) and her boy (Spandan) - my nephew! Unfortunately, Spandan did not quite take to his absentee uncle (me...Mama), which was a little sad. Therefore, I tried to ply him with a little Googler T-shirt. No luck. Ma, on the other hand, he responds to like a fish to water. I have decided to nickname him 'Speedo.' Cute kid. He definitely brings a calming influence on Papia.
- Rosanne was treated to an in-home facial and massage. What about me?!
- Anannya Mashi sent over about six kinds of fish for lunch. You have to be very careful about telling her what you like (no matter how innocently she might pose the question to prompt that answer)...invariably, mass quantities of what you like will show up at your doorstep.
- The whole city is buzzing about Sourav Ganguly's return to form (98 against the West Indies yesterday in Nagpur). Of course, Sourav being Sourav was too "cramped" to take the field when it was India's time to bowl.
- Rosanne spent the day with Baba going to get food from cookie jar. She then went with him to Regent Park to visit Mummum, and the bank. After which, she accompanied the rest of the family shopping.
- People at the Reliance Web World are VOIP-ing internationally, engaging in distance learning, and watch cricket video highlights.
- Rose has put on a lot of weight...a LOT of weight.
- Ma, on the other hand, has lost weight. Good for her.
- I slept.

Quick Hits About the Wedding:

- The florist did not like what the wedding decorator was doing and wanted her fired.
- Baba caused some controversy when he asked for the wedding videographer's sample reel.
- Wedding invitations were still being sent out.
- No word on whether the travel agent has finished the rest of the bookings.

I should really get home. I am sure that after being gone for an hour without really explaining what I was going to do with my time must be causing my family to have any number of panic attacks. Obviously, going out accompanied at the age of 31 in the city of my birth will cause anyone to have panic attacks right?

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Joanne said...

Sending good thoughts your way! Don't worry I am filling in for you at "The Company" I will speak up and insert inappopriate comments when you would :)