Sunday, January 21, 2007


JFK - It is nice to be back in New York, though I honestly didn't remember so much water when landing in JFK. It was nice to see that they finally had the AirTran up and working...the entire airport had been under construction since my parents lived in en-why-see.

Of course, it had to be on the outside of the terminal, and it was f...r...e...e...z...i...n...g!

Getting on to Emirates was a major hassle. First, we were told that we had to go back to get our boarding passes changed. Then we had to get our cabin bags weighed. Then the flight was delayed.

Then there was major gridlock when they tried to board by rows. As I told the wife, traveling with the wife is exactly how Air India was characterized on The Simpsons: We treat you like cattle. So. even though the queue for boarding was no longer valid given that they were boarding by rows, people refused to move, so it was hard to get o the gate when your row as called up.

By the time we got to our seats, there was no space for my bag. I had to store it in business class and was told by the very snooty stewardess that once we were up in the air I could no longer come into Business Class. That's all right. I told her, I won't be needing toilet paper, I had Bill O'Reilly's last book.

We had the worst seats possible - the middle seats in the middle row. There were many, many, many screaming children and flying time to Dubai was going to be around 12 hours.

Great, I can't wait!

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